Voorjaarssalon in Pulchri The Hague 2024

The "Meditation. Scenery" series was started in 2018. As a foreign artist living in Europe, I have been many years working in a state which I used say " Can't put down what I have mastered". I was entangled in holding on and letting go, breaking and building.

The conceptual idea of the work "Interweaving . Fragments" exactly shows my way of thinking and understanding of negation and reconstruction in artistic creation, which is the abstract decomposition and fragmentation of traditions and inherent concepts and reconstruction. Continuous attempts in creation are like peeling off layers of inherent self-conceptions, and make those impacted and broken fragments slowly move from ideas to works.

Material element - The use of paper comes not only from the need to enhance visual impact. I prefer rice paper, for me, it is a kind of emotion, even though I try to express it in the work itself and try to downplaying may even tend to de-emotionalize. In the process of interlacing, mixing, and superimposing colors and rice paper, the material’s own language and creation, the mutual integration and transformation of emotions is also a process that has been tried and repeated at this stage.
I am accustomed to pursuing a kind of "originality" and "purposelessness" from the conception to production of works, downplaying the so-called clear sense of direction, and then the uncertainty that comes makes everything blurry, but it is this vagueness and uncertainty that constantly leads me to discover what it is. Through repetition and repetition, the meditative state in creation enters a continuous cycle mode, And in which self-denial, self-reflection and self-identified.

Voorjaarsalon Pulchri Studio The Hague
27-03-2024 t/m 28-04-2024
openin: Saturday 30 March 2024 17:00 O’clock 


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