Repeatedly . 2022

Repeatedly . 2022 
Zhongnai works on paper

The constant repetition in artistic creation is a process in which the artist’s subjective creative consciousness is continuously enhanced and improved. It gives the thinking an relatively self-enclosed continuity and makes the artist immerse in a meditation mode, and the continuous and uninterrupted thinking is also what the artist needs in the creative process, so that keeps the artists are not interfered and disturbed by external factors.

Zhong Nai’s paper works which created in the Stedelijk Museum Meppel in the Netherlands are fully demonstrate this feature, as the artist himself said: “I feel confused and unclear more often,  I do vigilant enough to those forms and effects that come out to my delight or within the bounds of experience , because that is likely to lead me into a state that satisfies the visual senses, or leads me into paranoia about materials and techniques, or even It could takes me back to the past at any inadvertent moment, and because of this, I have to constantly search for a breakthrough point in the repetition, hoping to get some kind of hint in the process, just like looking for hope in unexpected ……

My solo exhibition “Zhongnai aan het werk” was ended on September 25, 2022 at the Stedelijk Museum Mepel in Netherlands. This three-month exhibition and artist resident creation process is undoubtedly a new attempt and challenge, and for me it is also a node to find a breakthrough to walk out of a bottleneck state of my working condition.

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